How to Fix a Shakespeare Fishing Reel

How to Fix a Shakespeare Fishing Reel
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Over the years Shakespeare fishing reel have gained popularity and especially because of their features like being long lasting as well as efficient. The fishing reel has been adopted by the market with great interest to note. But many of you don’t know how to fix a Shakespeare Fishing Reel.

This fishing reel is conveniently made to ensure that in future you are well sorted and without hustle. It’s designed with a rust bearing, aluminum spool .hence well protected from rusting. Also has The Shakespeare fishing reel is among the best qualities trusted in the market since early times a multi-disc (smooth) drag system.

Types of fishing reels in Shakespeare:

Bait casting reels

This is mostly preferred by serious fishermen after mastery bait casting allows delivering long as well as accurate of the angler. Bait casting reel enable the angler the ability of gripping both rod and reel simultaneously hence a better feel and control.

bait casting reels

Sinking a lever mechanism makes a bait casting reel be in free spool, hence prepare it for the cast. While beginning the cast, angler uses the thumb pressure roughly at midst of the motion (casting). Later the angler uses the pressure of the thumb just before luring or after the bait hits water.

The Bait casting reels require that angler adjust to spool tension with regard to the lures size. It can be fixed perfectly with pan fishing rods. Proper adjustment is important in preventing line overrun — said the dreaded (“(backlash)”) -Most reels possess the adjustable brake mechanisms that helps in serving this function also

Trolling and Fly reels

This three reel styles satisfy needs of anglers especially in fresh water as well as although trolling are alike with bait casting; these are made specifically for controlled release within line but bait when in water.

Fly reels

These are specialized in flying fishing. In whatever fishing style chosen, the rod should match, the reel and line as well and in regard to the size of lure/bait.

Spin cast reels

This is the easiest as well as simplest to operate amongst the primary styles. These are also cheaper. Are identified by their closed face, whereby the spool is enclosed inside the reel itself.

Typically, the spin cast reels are mounted on the top of the specific rod handle. But some model will be found mounted on the inside. Shakespeare ensures uniqueness in the market by offering top-mount as well as underside in its synergy it (read “titanium”) also the synergy steel spin cast model.

The angler is in control of the lines release mounted on top of the spin cast reels together with push-button (feature like) positioned at the front part of the specific reel, operated by the thumb. The angler ensures the reel is ready for line release through preparation where it depresses as well as maintains the pressure on the specific button

Spinning reels

We find that spinning are even simpler to operate that bait casting reels, it’s among the best choices of reel in the market.

The spinning reels that have a larger line capacity are mostly favored in the inshore fishing. And especially those in the salt water species.

spinning reels

The angler together with the spinning reel gets into a cast marked by opening of a wire (spring-loaded) referred to as the “bail” as well as ensuring maintenance by holding the line with index finger of the hand that is casting until when the release point is achieved.

Shakespeare fishing reels model

The Shakespeare reel has several fishing reel models namely; Prius, encore, deceiver, encore, outcast, x-terra, synergy ul, alpha cat, outcast Rd, outcast FD, Omni, sigma summit ss. arsenal alum, alpha, intrepid, contender, tidewater ss, pro Am and Agility. This are all set in order to ensure the fishing reel deliver its services efficiently without delay or failure. But you find sometimes due to various circumstances, or the environment that the fishing reel is subjected. Some of these parts fail to accomplish duty and hence the fishing reel need repair. But this shouldn’t be a reason to raise eyebrows, since a fishing reel can be well repaired by the owner without worry. Owners can be able to do these themselves without worry. The requirement is having the necessary tools and proper mindset ready for the little task.

Here is a guide on how to effectively repair your Shakespeare fishing reel

Firstly you need to weigh and understand the point at issue Go through the manual that’s given upon purchase of the product. This Manual has a diagram with the parts as well as their names and model number and name of the specific reel at hand. In case you find that you don’t have the manual you ought to comment below, write the model number and name (also in the product) as well as your mailing address.

how to effectively repair your shakespeare fishing reel

Understanding the manual content enables the owner to be able to gauge which specific part is causing the problem. Hence while repairing the fishing reel to avoid worsening the problem that it already is. Reading this manual also helps the owner understand the proper care and handling of the fishing reel and may be know the cause of the problem at hand as well avoiding the problem in future.

Figure out the Components in the Fishing Reel that has problem

This is done by checking thoroughly the parts. You can do this by maybe trying to give your ears to the reels, is there sound out of the obvious? The handles, are they intact? Checking out the winding mechanism, Is it as supposed? Also you can ask yourself what was the last task, it failed to accomplish and under what environment. All these questions will help you understand your fishing reel well how to repair it. And by the moment of repair you won’t have a lot of trouble.

Consider taking a picture or video while removing the components of the reel. This will help you have a reference to refer to when reassembling the fishing reel. This pictures and especially the video will also supplement a greater depth of how in future you will be able to attend to a problem. Apart from this, these pictures will help you understand the fishing reel in deeper measures; hence in future you know the best ways to interact with it.

Disconnect the fishing reel

A masking tape is recommended to protect the reels wrap. The reels spool is very important. The wrap protects the fishing reel from damage. The wrap is able to cover all parts that are sensitive to damages.

disconnect the fishing reel

The spool is able to protect the fishing reel too from dust and particles. These may damage the reel. Hence once on the process of repairing the fishing reel, Care and especially of the reels spool is an utmost priority to avoid further damages.

Get a Clean Cloth or a Towel and Lay it on the work surface

This ensures the work surface is free of oil and grease, also keeps safe the reel against wear and tear. The towel/cloth also protects grease/oil from getting into the surface which may cause other damages, like someone may trip and fall and get injured. Also protects the surface from getting dirtied by the grease/oil. The towel/cloth also acts as barrier to prevent the dissembled parts from rolling away. The towel/cloth is later used after the completion of the repair of the Shakespeare fishing reel to wash away or wipe the excess grease/oil.

Get an empty box (small in size, one or two and place it near to keep the screws as well as the parts as you remove them from the fishing reel. Keep them in order as you remove them from the subsequent boxes. This will minimize confusion later.

This will also ease the assembling work as well as keep the screws and the parts safe, away from damages and loss. Be keen while dissembling, check for parts that may be lose. This may be the cause of the problem. This can be effectively done by checking the screws properly of any part before unscrewing it. What out for screws that have been eaten up, maybe due to friction. Ensure that all the parts are not damaged either or fractured.

Check properly all the parts for broken or worn out parts

You can do this by counterchecking with the Shakespeare fishing reel manual. This will enable you not to confuse amongst the parts or mistake a part with another. The process of counterchecking is also a part of learning and being able to effectively understand the component and the parts. This will ease the repair process in future

Reassemble the fishing reel

This begins by doing the reverse of the disconnecting process. Firstly you connect the first part that you removed. Take care not to confuse the parts this may give you a lot of headache. If possible check with the manual as you connect every part in the fishing reel. Also remember to properly handle the parts as you connect to prevent loss and damage. Parts that may have dirtied in the process remember to wipe the dirt off.

reassemble the fishing reel

Remember to use a screw on every bolt to enhance tightness. Ensure that every bolt is intact before leaving the spot. Lose bolts will cause malfunction in the fishing reel which may prevent the reel from function. While repairing a Shakespeare fishing reel, you need to be extra careful. Also take care as some of these bolts may be too small and getting lost is easier. Only hold one bolt at a time.

Sprinkle a drop of grease oil on every moving part

This helps in preventing rust. Rust is a danger to moving part as these damages the part. Greasing also prevents friction. Friction causes the movable part to get worn out hence replacement.

Remember to remove the masking tape and peel it off carefully without damaging the spool. Once done wipe off any dirt or grease that may be covering the fishing reel externally.

Keep the repaired fishing reel in a safe place and wait testing. Ensure the place has all the conditions as kept are as per what the manual instructs in proper care.

Items to be used

These are some of the items and tools required in repairing a Shakespeare fishing rod. Assorted small screwdrivers, Assorted small wrenches, Thread locking compound, Small boxes, cloth, towel, Machine oil, Digital camera, Parts, diagram, Masking tape.

To consider

  • Do not disconnect the parts more than necessary.
  • Once you know the default part ensures you repair that and do not disconnect further. This may cause damage to the reel.
  • Ensure accuracy while closing the bolts as well as connecting other parts. This prevents failure of functioning even after the long process.
  • Do not expose the reels wrap to scratches or dirt while reassembling. Be extra careful while storing it for later by ensuring it’s safely kept.
  • BE careful not to leave any movable part ungreased since this may cause considerable damage like getting worn out.
  • To give you an extra cost of replacement.
  • Also ensure to keep the manual safe, may be referenced later.
  • Having known the cause of the problem, ensure care is taken to avoid a repeat.

To avoid/warning

  • Do not use tools that are not compatible with the nuts, screws and bolts.
  • Oversized tools may damage the parts wearing off the rust protection coat. Also this may bring a defect to the sizes of the parts and may cause more looseness of bolts, nuts to be experienced. This will increase the rate of problem occurrence.
  • Do not introduce other parts rather than the reels own parts. This will damage others.
  • No chemical component should be brought in, other than recommended, as this will damage the fishing reel further.
  • In case some grease/oil dropped in the surface, remember to wipe it off.
  • Do not disconnect the fishing reel later when it is not experiencing a problem.
  • Do not leave the fishing reel at exposure of personnel without adequate knowledge about care and operation.
  • Do not expose the fishing reel again to the conditions that caused the problem. Ensure that extra care is taken
  • That’s how a Shakespeare fishing reel is repaired, and maintained.

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