Best Fishing Rod for Crappie in 2021

Best Fishing Rod for Crappie in 2021
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Crappie are, unlike their name could suggest, a very popular varieties of fish anglers look for. A component of the sunfish family members, these small fish stay in freshwater all throughout the United States. They are widely considered to be among the most effective tasting freshwater fish that make them an attractive catch for numerous fishermen. Here we are going to discuss about Best Fishing Rod for Crappie.

To optimize your chances of catching crappie, it is very important to have the best rods for crappie fishing for the job. There are many different brand names and designs that will certainly function well, however to get you began; this short article will respond to some important questions as well as lay out five of our preferred crappie poles.

What is a Crappie Rod as well as what is it Used For?

A crappie rod is a fishing pole that is utilized specifically, otherwise specifically, for capturing crappie and comparable species.

Crappies are a smaller sized fish types and can consider as much as three to 4 pounds, but normally evaluate closer to 1/4- 1/2 of an extra pound. Because of this, crappie-specific poles tend to be more light-weight than a general-use rod. These rods need to be lighter so they are sensitive to attacks as well as pulls from a light fish.

Usually, light-weight rods tend to be made out of graphite or some type of graphite composite. Although graphite is not as solid as fiberglass, it works well for crappie angling because it is really conscious bites. On top of that, the probabilities of drawing in a huge crappie that would damage your rod are slim, so there is little to worry about in terms of toughness.

Are All Crappie Rods the Exact Same?

Although many crappie poles are comparable, they’re not one and the very same. There are a pair various types of poles that are common.

A spinning rod and also reel is one that is wonderful for capturing crappie during their spawning season in the winter season. It must be light or ultralight, so you can cast your lure a country mile. Another common tool is a baitcasting pole and also reel, which are better fit for catching crappie while trolling or drifting. These poles make it simpler to drop your line right down from your watercraft.

Think it or not, walking stick poles are additionally a semi-popular selection for crappie fishing. Their size often tends to be really helpful when you’re in the surroundings with a lot of challenges that keep you straight from the coast.

What Makes a Great Crappie Rod?

Length – There’s not one size for a suitable crappie pole, but generally, they need to be long enough that you can cast much, yet not so long that casting as well as transportation become awkward as well as tough. Crappie rods usually range anywhere from 6-10 feet.

Power – Due to the fact that crappie is a little variety of fish, your rod does not require a lots of power. Adhere to somewhere in the ultralight to a medium/light range to maintain your rod conscious little fish.

Material – Graphite or graphite composite is the most effective path to go with crappie fishing. Graphite is a light-weight, super-sensitive product, which makes it great for grabbing tiny nudges and also bites from tiny fish.

1. Lews Fishing Wally Marshall Pro Rods (2 Piece)

Lew’s is a prominent brand name for crappie rods. The Wally Marshall Pro collection created a fail-safe combination of elements to create a great rod. The blank is created with “premium IM8 graphite,” as well as it’s the reel seats feature graphite construction as well. The material raises sensitivity to small bites.

Lew’s Fishing Wally Marshall Pro Rods (2 Piece)

The spinning guides are made with stainless-steel and stainless-steel inserts. A cork manage with additional size supplies even more control when casting and also drawing in a catch. This certain two-piece, 10-foot pole attributes medium/light power as well as medium action.

Additionally, the rod includes a stainless-steel hook keeper.


  • Excellent Style
  • Lengthy Handle Offers Good Control
  • Full Graphite Construction Makes the Pole Really Sensitive


  • Swimsuit Construction Needs Some Set-Up
  • Needs a Considerable Quantity of Area to Cast
  • Bottom Line

The Wally Marshall Pro pole is a sensitive, light-weight rod that will have the ability to identify very tiny attacks. Reel seats are not usually made out of graphite as well, so Lew’s rod gets bonus factors for this included sensitivity.

Although its length supplies ease in casting, it can be a little uncomfortable as a result of the amount of room the rod uses up, so ensure you have an ample quantity of room in your wanted angling area prior to taking this rod when driving.


2. Cadence Fishing CR5 Spinning Rods

The Tempo CR5 spinning poles come in a selection of dimensions and activities depending on your own fishing needs. Their sizes range from the very little 4′ 8″ with ultralight power and also modest action, right to a seven-foot pole with medium-heavy power as well as quick action.

Cadence Fishing CR5 Spinning Rods | 30 Ton Carbon | Fuji Reel Seat | Stainless Steel Guides with SiC Inserts | CR5-562S-ULMF

Their pole blanks are created with 30-ton graphite, which uses level of sensitivity while keeping the rod strong despite bigger fish. Manage of the rods are a mix of cork as well as EVA foam.

It also includes stainless steel overviews with SIC inserts for smooth casting and added longevity.


  • Lightweight
  • Wonderful High quality
  • Functional as well as Can be Made Use Of in Other Angling Settings


  • Unstylish Design
  • A Little Stiff for Crappie Fishing
  • Take care of is a Little Awkward for Fishing Hours at a Time
  • Bottom Line

With differing lengths, activities, as well as powers, the CR5 collection is a far more functional set of poles. Although it’s a little tight, it’s completely usable for angling for crappie, along with a selection of fish. The quality of this pole is unbelievable for its rate point, and also the graphite construction supplies a good deal of sensitivity.

Some users did complain concerning the design of the handle, yet there are individual modifications you can make to make it a lot more comfy.


3. B’n’M Duck Commander ULTRALITE Crappie Spin Rod (2-Piece)

This is a crappie-specific fishing pole from B ‘n’ M Duck. It’s developed with attributes that make it fantastic for capturing little fish. The lightweight, four-foot rod is produced with a “40 million modulus IM6 graphite” space for level of sensitivity.

B’n’M Duck Commander Ultralite Crappie Spin Rod (2-Piece)

It additionally includes Duck Leader’s special double touch system, with a real Portuguese cork deal with. As with the previous rods, this rod likewise has stainless steel guides for sturdiness as well as smooth casting.


  • Great Worth
  • Healthy
  • Super Light and Delicate


  • Not Versatile.
  • Too Flimsy for Larger Fish
  • Bottom Line

If you’re searching for a rod specifically for crappie and also crappie only, this is a terrific pick. It’s an excellent value for the high quality and also its building and construction makes it incredibly sensitive as well as very easy to make use of.

The downside of this pole is that it doesn’t feature a large amount of adaptability. It’s a little, light pole, which implies if you’re attempting to catch larger fish species with it, there’s a chance it could not be as durable.


4. Lews Mr Crappie Slab Shakr

This is a 5′ 6″ rod made particularly to fish for crappie. It features a number of elements that make it excellent for fishing for little fish, like its size. It’s light-weight, constructed with fiberglass as well as graphite. The light action blank is made with graphite with dual-body construction, and also the reel seat is likewise developed with graphite for included level of sensitivity.

Lews-Fishing-MR-Crappie-Slab Shaker-Combo
Lews Fishing MR Crappie Slab Shaker Combo, SS7556-2

There are stainless-steel guides and also inserts, along with extensive EVA foam take care of with a split hold. The reel comes pre-spooled with Mr. Crappie line, and the pole features a chrome-plated spindle as well as a drag handle.


  • Adaptable
  • Lightweight and Mobile
  • Provides Excellent Casting Distance


  • Not Very Long lasting
  • As well tiny to be Versatile
  • Bottom Line

Mr. Crappie’s Slab Shakr is a great beginner’s option. It includes all the attributes required to draw in crappie, without added fuss. The graphite building and construction is the very best element of this pole, maintaining it conscious small fish. The size and weight of this post make it ideal for casting lures far ranges without stress, although this pole isn’t long or solid sufficient for angling for bigger varieties. Bring along a backup pole if you’re intending on drawing in any prize fish.


5. St Croix Premier Spinning Rods

St. Croix’s rods are quickly outstripping their premium competitors, consisting of the relied on Fenwick name. That’s not because Fenwick’s rods aren’t outstanding– they are– but instead since St. Croix just keeps improving and also far better. If you have actually got the money to invest, this is possibly the best crappie pole on the marketplace.

St Croix Premier Spinning Rods

The Premier ultralight includes a rapid action, and as a combination, they give the sensitivity you desire with the cushioned hookset you need for “papermouths.” Strong, supple, well-balanced, and light, this pole is whatever you’re seeking. Bass, panfish, and crappie– this rod can manage them all without worries, and also your line will break lengthy before it does.

The premium-quality light weight aluminum oxide overviews will treat your line. In our view, these are amongst the very best available. Casting is outstanding with this rod also, regardless of appeal dimension.

Quality cork equips this pole’s lengthy deal with, as well as you’ll find lots of space for also the biggest hands to cast pleasantly. If you favor split takes care of, and also some fishermens do, you may want to the Fenwick as the most capable choice.

If you agree to pay for an outstanding rod, the St. Croix is really tough to match.


  • Fantastic sensitivity
  • Excellent spreading
  • Quality deals with
  • Awesome overviews


  • Expensive

6. Cadence Fishing CR5 Spinning Rods

The CR5 is a significant rod at a deal rate, as well as if you’re searching for a dedicated crappie rod, this is a terrific choice.

Due to a mix of size, action, as well as power, the CR5 will certainly provide the soft hook set you need for crappie. Furthermore, the modest action allows the usage of very light lines under high tension. The rod will certainly bend along much of its size, taking in pressure that would or else just be moved to your line.

Cadence Fishing CR5 Spinning Rods | 30 Ton Carbon | Fuji Reel Seat | Stainless Steel Guides with SiC Inserts | CR5-662S-LMF

The CR5 ultralight is also solid, as well as catching fish larger than crappie ought to be no problem with this pole. That claimed, the very same moderate activity that makes it a crappie awesome is maybe not ideal for various other types.

Overview high quality is superb, as well as the take care of is of premium quality and excellent length.

On the whole, this is a solid challenger for our leading place and an amazing rod for crappie.


  • Wonderful sensitivity
  • High quality handles.
  • Wonderful guides.
  • Soft hooksets are practically assured.
  • Very budget-friendly


  • A little bit much less flexible than the rivals

7. Fenwick Elite Tech River Runner Spinning Rod

Fenwick’s rods are fabulous, as well as if you pick one up, you’ll know why. Among the most costly of the choices we’ve examined, you can be sure that you’re getting superior high quality for your cash.

Fenwick-Elite-Tech-River-Runner Spinning-Rod
Fenwick Elite Tech River Runner Spinning Rod

The River Runner ultralight features a quick action, and also like most of the various other poles examined, this mix of power, action, and also length functions well for cushioning hookset with crappie. Like the Bass Pro and Cabela’s rods, Fenwick’s offering casts like a desire. It’s additionally plenty strong, as well as you need to feel confident placing it to the examination with practically anything that takes an appeal planned for crappie.

Its titanium overviews have to do with comparable to they come; expect no difficulty below.

If you’re a follower of split takes care of and premium cork, the Fenwick has you covered. It likewise uses a one-of-a-kind pole seat layout that encloses the mechanism, generating a continual cork grasp. That’s a wonderful touch, as well as we really like that feature.


  • Fantastic level of sensitivity
  • Outstanding spreading
  • High quality manages.
  • Excellent overviews


  • A bit expensive

How to Choose a Rod for Crappie Fishing


The length of the pole relies on what you feel most comfortable with. Because crappie is a tiny species, people seem to opt for much shorter rods, however much longer ones additionally give good results especially if you prepare to use your fishing strategies while you remain in your watercraft. As for sensitivity, you’ll need to test out some designs before selecting the best one as it needs to be rather versatile at the end. In short, the favored type of pole for crappie fishing appears to be a light or ultra-light activity one. If you have little to no understanding in the field, we advise going out to a shop and really touching the ends of some rods to identify whether their ends can bend a great deal or not.


You do not have to be an expert when it comes to choosing the right reel for crappie fishing as we’ve seen that the large bulk of anglers usually choosing a spinning alternative. This does not imply that you’re not totally free to utilize a baitcasting reel if that’s what you like. Nonetheless, after we have actually gone through a number of reviews originating from actual fishers, we can state that rotating choices are the most reliable ones for this type of angling (read more regarding spinning combinations under 100). In this case, you’ll have to think about the sphere bearing system as well as if it’s feasible, stay with a reel that features at least 3. An instantaneous anti-reverse would not harm as you will not need to go through excessive problem with the reel.


If you’re just starting out, we recommend obtaining a design that costs less than fifty dollars as a number of the ones we have actually found offer ample value for this cost array. Speak with some user evaluates to see whether you don’t risk spending your money on a combo that’s ineffective, however be aware that you won’t be obtaining the very best crappie posts and reels if you’re established on spending as little cash as possible.

The best fishing rod for crappie will rely on just how lightweight it is as well as what adventures you plan on taking it on. Below are the most vital features when selecting excellent crappie poles.


Ultralight crappie poles are the best and also the lightest material that is still very durable is graphite. Graphite is a really lightweight product, which is terrific for the longer sizes of crappie fishing pole. It likewise is hyper sensitive, which suggests that any kind of little pushes or bites from a fish, you can feel along the size of the crappie pole.


Crappies are a smaller sized fish. The majority will certainly max out at 8 inches in length, but the standard is 4 inches. Because of their small dimension, you do not need a crappie pole with a lot of power. Plus, with more power you shed level of sensitivity, which can be a substantial disadvantage for crappie fishing. An ultra light or light crappie post would be best, which means that it takes just a little stress to make the rod bend.


The action of a fishing pole is the speed at which the tip of the rod returns back to the straight position after it has actually been flexed. The three types of activity are sluggish, medium, and quick. For crappie fishing rods, slow action is finest although you do shed some level of sensitivity. This is since a slow action has the ability to take in more of the shock from you drawing the rod, which is much less likely to tear the hook out of the fish’s mouth. You will commonly see crappie fishing poles with ultralight to light and also tool light power, which is the most effective for these delicate fish.


The size of a crappie pole will depend on personal choice and where you will be angling. Some good crappie rods depend on 16 feet in size, which has to do with the lengthiest fishing pole you’ll ever locate, yet others are a common size that cap at about 10 feet in length. Usually, the further you wish to cast, the longer your crappie post need to be. However remember that you’ll give up weight and also transportability with a longer design.

On the other hand, crappie is a variety that often tends to such as to conceal in superficial waters with great deals of plants as well as rocks to conceal. This can suggest you regularly need to avoid tangled or captured fishing line, which can be irritating. A longer crappie fishing rod can allow you to sneak up on where crappie are hiding and simply drop your line into the water, without needing to cast. This can be a substantial advantage if you have actually discovered where the crappie are concealing, which is why longer crappie fishing pole are also a popular option.

Line and Draw Weight

To match ultra light crappie poles, you’ll wish to utilize a light-weight line and also appeal also. The most effective crappie baits and also attractions will certainly be light to ensure that they do not tear the fish’s mouth and also won’t bear down your crappie post. A hefty fishing line can additionally cause excessive activity that it frightens them away, however much heavier line is fine to make use of in muddy water.


Guides are the rings that are put on a fishing pole to maintain the fishing line in place. Excellent crappie poles will make use of stainless steel guides because they are light-weight but durable, which is essential when you wish to maintain you’re angling line in order.

Deal with

Crappie fishing rods should have a manage that is easy to utilize, control, as well as is comfortable since it will be the guide for your crappie post, and also you will rely upon its sturdiness to attract a catch. Some crappie poles have a padded or supported take care of, which can make it far more comfy for the individual to invest the day angling.

Frequently asked questions

Q:  What is a crappie pole and what is it utilized for?

A:  A crappie pole is a specific kind of fishing pole that is made to be made use of with crappie fish or other little fish species. They are ultralight and sturdy, that makes them terrific for crappie fishing. While crappie fishing rods can be made use of with other small fish types, they offer some fantastic benefits specifically for catching the nervous crappie.

Q:  What is the difference between a normal as well as crappie pole?

A:  The most significant distinction in crappie fishing rods and also routine angling is the size of the real post. Crappie fishing pole are the longest styles on the market with some rising to 16 feet in length. For crappie anglers, this provides a benefit of sneaking up on the fish as well as higher casting capacities.

Q: Are all crappie rods the very same?

A:  No. Not all crappie rods have the same attributes, like size as well as material. A lot of crappie poles will certainly be anywhere from 6 to 16 feet long and might be made from a mixture of products. The very best crappie rod will certainly be made from graphite because it is lightweight and sturdy, yet a lot more inexpensive designs may be made of both fiberglass and graphite. While not all crappie poles coincide, they should be extremely similar and have functions like being ultra light, slow action, and have minimal power.

Final Verdict

Angling is one of the fantastic outdoor sports that any individual can appreciate, and crappies are some of one of the most delicious freshwater fish you can capture. With a crappie post, you can raise your chances of capturing a tasty dish. We really hope that our overview will assist you find the excellent crappie rod that will certainly stay at hand for many years to come.

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