Best Fishing Rod for Beginners in 2019

Best Fishing Rod for Beginners in 2019
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Fishing is the best outdoor activity for some. People can fall in love with it for varying reasons. However, it can be intimidating to start out because while it seems like your gear needs are quite simple, a quick search will prove it otherwise. Having the best fishing rod for beginners will make a huge difference in your experience. Imagine fishing with some friends and your rod is the only one that breaks! Ouch, I don’t know about you but I would be embarrassed, to say the least. You must be thinking the same and so you landed on this page, which is great because you will know everything you need to know by the time you are done reading, and also have some options for the best beginner fishing rod for yourself and your fishing needs.

The features you will need to keep in mind when choosing your gear is basically the length, action, material, and the power of the rod. Let’s dive right into their meanings! Here is what you need to look for in the best fishing rod for beginners!

The Length Of The Rod The fishing rods can differ from a tiny 2 inch-rod to a giant 20 inch-rod from tip to the butt cap. The length should be determined by your intentions. If you want to go for fly fishing or use heavy lures then a longer rod will be to your benefit. However, a shorter rod, maybe around 6-10 inches should be better for lighter lures and big game fishing or trolling.

The Action of the Rod

This simply refers to the flexibility of the rod. We can think of it as fast action, medium action, and slow action. Fast action rods are used for bigger fish since it has more flexibility which gives you more room to battle with the fish. Medium action rods are less flexible making them a good match for medium sized fish and slow action rods, as you can probably guess by now, are good for smaller fish.

the action of the rod

The Material of the Rod Most fishing rods today is made of graphite, fiberglass or a combination of both nowadays. This will be a personal choice. Graphite rods are more sensitive but easier to break while fiberglass rods are more flexible but not as sensitive. Meaning you will feel more with the graphite but you also need to be a little more careful.

The Power of the Rod

Simply means how much pressure is required to bend the rod. The rod’s power will vary between ultra-light and extra-heavy. I will suggest going for something light or medium-light as a beginner and start testing different varieties as you have more experience.

TYPES OF RODS Now that you have some idea about the aspects of a rod, the next thing will be taking a quick look at different types of rods. And after that, you will be ready to look at your options for some of the best fishing rods for beginners.

Spinning Rods

I am starting the list right here because it’s probably the best option for a beginner. Spinning rods allows less control but they are easier to control. It is a great tool to get started with fishing.

Casting Rods

Casting Rods will let you have more control but be careful because sometimes more control means no control at all. They are more susceptible to getting tangled and more work but if you master it then you can have more success

There are lots of other types of rods you can find such as fly-fishing rods, surf rods, ice fishing rod, trolling rods and even more, you can find with a quick Google search but I think you should keep it simple and go for a spinning rod if you just starting out.

casting rods

Be careful though; make sure to look up if a certain type of fishing is legal in your state or province. Especially with trolling rods!


Alright! We are finally at the fun part! You will find eleven candidates for the best fishing rod for beginners down below. I will try to show them to you as clearly as possible so you can make a good choice for yourself. You will find your perfect beginner fishing rod by the end of this article.


Length: 5-8 inches Type: Spin Action: Medium to Fast

Power: Ultra-light and Light Material: Graphite

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St Croix has been around for over 70 years and it’s not difficult to see why. This graphite made beauty is perfect for panfish and fish of similar sizes. You have the choice of different power and action level combinations making it perfect for the kind of water body that is closest to you. It gets a whopping 80% 5-star reviews and 7% 4-star reviews on Amazon for a combined 87% satisfied customers. This light and the extremely sensitive rod will make it easy for you to tell the difference between a bite and a false alarm in no time. The premium-grade cork handle feels really smooth. You might want to be careful with it in muddy waters since it’s lightweight but even that should not be a problem as long as it is taken care of carefully. We can criticize it about the small guides on the rod which prevents it from being thrown greater distances but that should not be a problem for someone at a beginner level. This rod definitely gets a pass as one of the best beginner fishing rod options out there that easily can be merged with any reels like Shakespeare fishing reel. The fact that it’s a spinning rod makes it easy to use as well, so it does not require too much experience to get started with this guy.


Length: 4.6-7.6 inches

Type: Spin Action: Medium-fast to Ultra-fast Power: Ultra-light to Medium-heavy Material: Graphite

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This model comes as an improvement to the original Ugly Stik Spinning Rod. It is made with 35% more graphite for a lighter weight. Just pair it with a spinning reel and you should be ready to go. A lot of satisfied customers swear by its durability and tell how difficult if not straight up impossible it is to break them even though their graphite content, which is great news because graphite makes for a light rod but everybody knows their weak points but Ugly Stik seems to have overcome this barrier somehow. But be aware that the reel seat is a little on the smaller size so make sure you chose a spinning reel that’s going to fit just right. Overall it’s a good starter rod. It will take you far if you want to fish from your kayak since it’s quite light. Just be aware it is not as sensitive as you might imagine but makes up for that with its durability. It will serve you well until you feel ready to upgrade to something more professional. It is good to keep in my mind that it is not the most professional fishing rod out there but that should not keep you from getting as a beginner. Go out there and test it, get some experience and have fun!


Length: 4.6inches – 7.6 inches Type: Cast or Spin Action: Medium, Medium-fast, Fast

Power: Ultra-light to Medium-heavy

Material: Fiberglass

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Some of the better quality products for sure! The best part of the KastKing is that it gives you the choice of spinning or casting rod. This fiberglass rod uses its own KastFlex technology for better accuracy, and durability. The power transition system used does most of the work for you so to speak. And probably the part you will appreciate the most has to be that it comes in a 2-pack! 2 amazing rods those are definitely candidates to the best fishing rod for beginners for the price of one. Or maybe even cheaper than one depending on what you are planning to get! This rod will have you and your family on fresh waters in no time. They have a huge selection of rods depending on your needs. If you are going to be fishing on a lake go ahead with a light power rod. If you happen to be near an ocean, then definitely consider getting the medium-heavy power ones. The point is they have you covered no matter what your need is! Salt-water or fresh-water fishing won’t matter. And to be honest you can even get two sets, one for the ocean and one for the lake and it would still be cheaper than certain other rods which are supposed to be for beginners.


Length: 6.9-7.6 inches

Type: Cast or Spin

Action: Fast Power: Medium-light to Ultra-heavy

Material: Carbon Matrix Kast Flex Technology

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This is a little more professional than the Perigee II rods but still easy to use. The carbon matrix kast flex technology it is constructed with makes it both sensitive and difficult to break which is just a winning combination for everybody, even more so for beginners. It is designed for all types of fishing so you can try out different methods and the previous customers seem to be extremely happy. Especially the fact it comes with a lifetime warranty is just the icing on the cake. If you are looking for some quality equipment that will last a lifetime, you will definitely love this guy! Customer reviews reveal that the rod is comfortable and stylish. It is one of those beginner fishing rods that will make you look like a pro, feel like a pro and have amazing performance without making you worry that it will break (warranty, remember?). So you can go ahead choose it with worry.


Length: 6-7.6 inches

Type: Spin Action: Medium Power: Light to Medium-heavy

Material: Graphite

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This beginner fishing rod is easily one of the best for its price point. It is great for trout or bass or any fish of similar size. It comes with an AAA cork full grip handle which provides an easy grab. The reel seat looks to be great for reels of all sizes. 80% of customer reviews are great for this product. The graphite content is somehow really difficult to break even a little. The only bad reviews seem to be product coming in with a defect due to internet shopping but that should not scare you since there is a lifetime warranty on this best beginner fishing rod as well. It is definitely a great choice for a beginner since it will be nice and sturdy against the newbie mistakes you might make. The rod is super sensitive and will have you feeling the difference between the bite of a fish and a stuck rod between seaweed. If you are hoping to save some money while going for something sturdy then Fenwick HMG Spinning Rod will deliver!


Length: 5-7 inches Type: Spin Action: Medium to Fast

Power: Ultra-Light to Medium

Material: Graphite

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St Croix Triumph Spinning Rods comes with a premium grade cork handle for an easy grab. You can get your hands on one of these beauties for cheaper than $100 which is a great price nowadays. This lightweight best beginner fishing rod gets an 84% great reviews. One problem we can discuss is the reel seat. It does not fit every reel as well as you might prefer. But the action and power of the rod are spectacular. You will enjoy catching yourself some nice salmon in your local lake as soon as it delivers. In all honesty, this rod is a great starter but you might be a little disappointed as you gain more experience. But if you have a child with whom you want to fish, you know what rod to get them started! But beware, you might find yourself taking it from your kid a little too often since it just brings some fun to fishing. Overall it’s a good rod, sturdy and sensitive. It would be great for a beginner regardless of age.


Length: 5.6-8.6 inches

Type: Spin Action: Medium to fast

Power: Ultra-Light to Extra-Heavy

Material: Graphite

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This graphite rod is one of the most sensitive best beginner fishing rods out there you can find for under $100. St. Croix slogan is “The Best Fishing Rods on Earth” and they certainly try hard to prove that right. There is a reason over 92% of customers were happy enough to leave a great review on Amazon about this beautiful beginner rod. Sensitivity is key for a fishing rod and the St Croix, as per usual, know how to deliver. St Croix somehow manages to be American made, financially smart and just overall a great product. So if you want a great product that will last you decades, maybe a couple of lifetimes and support American workers all at the same time any St Croix brand fishing rod will make a great choice.


Length: 8.6-9 inches Type: Spin Action: Medium

Power: Medium to Heavy

Material: Graphite

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If there is a lake nearby that is full of salmon, this bad boy will help you catch your dinner! It is on the longer side a little and it provides a sturdy tip for when you need it the most. You can catch fish up to 20 lbs of weight with no problem. It comes with a conventional style reel seat so you will not have any problems finding a reel for it. The stainless steel guides will prevent any pop-outs making it a good choice for beginners. This candidate for the best beginner fishing rod gets a good mark because it is strong enough for fish on the heavier side but definitely sensitive enough for you to feel every bite. Whether you want this product for yourself or as the first rod for someone younger, you will not regret your choice. It is the perfect rod for any lake.


Length: 6.8-7.5 inches

Type: Cast or Spin

Action: Medium to Fast

Power: Medium-Light to Heavy

Material: Carbon fiberglass and graphite mix

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Fuji reel seats are used which makes sure the reel stays nicely in place. You do not want to deal with your reel keep popping out and you do not have to if you choose the KastKing Tournament Series Fishing Rods. The mixture of graphite and fiberglass creates durability while keeps the rod nice and light. You can be sure this fishing rod will stay by you for a lifetime, but even if you had any worries you could just take a look at the Total Peace Of Mind Warranty provided by KastKing. This fishing rod is stylish, durable and strong enough to make you look as good as you feel while fishing. A great choice whether you are a beginner or a seasoned fisher. You can get one now and see why 95% of customers who chose this product were happy with their purchase!


Length: 7 – 7.6 inches

Type: Spin

Action: Fast Power: Medium to Heavy

Material: Graphite

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Split-grip premium cork handle keeps it nice and easy to hold. Quite a great rod but the reel seat can be a problem if you are planning to use it daily. But even then they do offer a 5-year warranty so you will get your money’s worth for sure. This rod will make a great starter fishing rod and is going to be a nice piece in your arsenal as you get more pieces. It’s nice and sturdy while providing that good old sensitivity St Croix usually provides. A great tool attested to fish for some bass for sure. You will enjoy the feel and balance of this piece in your hands. It might be a good idea to start out with this baby and make your way up to some of the more professional tools.


Length: 7.6-10 inches

Type: Fly Fishing

Action: Medium

Power: Medium

Material: Graphite

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This 4-piece rod is a little on the expensive side but they do offer a lifetime warranty and it’s an amazing choice if you intend to do some fly fishing. The blank is made from high grade, durable graphite and handle is a beautiful high-grade cork. What sets them aside is their customer service as well. If you have any questions about fly fishing or the rod itself they will actually take the time and answer your questions until you are satisfied. It gets an amazing 92% 5-star and 6% 4-star reviews on Amazon and once you get your hands on one you will understand why. Their lifetime warranty is all inclusive, no-fault warranty meaning you need not worry about being a little rough with this bad boy. Even if you have never done fly fishing, you will fall in love with it in no time.


Choosing a new fishing rod can be a process that gives a seasoned pro headache. So imagine just how difficult it can get for a beginner. I tried to provide you with some basic information and some of the best beginner fishing rods out there in the market. I tried to not go too crazy with the pricing so you should be able to find some great rods which won’t hurt your pocket. Fishing can be both a relaxing and exciting time, but you do need the correct equipment to enjoy it to the max (or maybe enjoy it at all). I will remind you that my recommendation is a spinning rod for beginners but I have included both spinning and casting fishing rods just to give you the option. Realistically speaking, any of these rods will probably only be the first of many as it is with lots of people who found themselves in love with this amazing outdoor activity. I would like to end my words with a reminder that different types of fishing such as trolling may be illegal in certain states so definitely make sure you are not breaking any laws in your area.

Hopefully, you got the best fishing rod for beginners. Stay safe, spend your time with these great outdoors components and happy fishing.

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