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About Us

Who we are

We are a team of dedicated anglers and hunters who like to use the right gear and equipment so that we can make the most of our outdoor adventures. Our web site could be a sure supply of data on a range of topics from native fishing and searching regulations to selecting the proper fishing or hunting gear.

Our goal is to provide you with the information you need to make the correct purchasing decision for your specific need. We strive to offer well-researched and accurate information to fisherman and hunters. Our team of experts is adamant about publishing clear and unbiased reviews on everything from fishing rods and reels to trail kayak, line, lure, cameras and hunting cameras.  

What we do

When creating our articles, we rely on the concept of Simplicity. What does that mean for you? We simplify the information that we come across and try to eliminate as much of the jargon as possible so that the article comes out clear and easy to understand by anyone, no matter how much hunting or fishing experience you have accumulated over the years.

We avoid using overly complex terms, specifically because we want to help prospective buyers find the right product for what they have in mind, not intimidate or confuse them! Our mission is to provide you with buying advice and a variety of tips that enable you to spend time in the great outdoors and conquer your angling or hunting goals both effectively and comfortably. Our experts and editors have tackled a generous variety of topics in the past from how a crossbow works to the benefits and risks of eating different types of fish.

Fishing and hunting enthusiasts are used to buying heaps of gear on a regular basis, both because everything breaks at some point, and also because they want to try out new equipment. Most of the time, however, they end up buying the wrong product. We try to prevent you from doing that with our reviews and advice.

fishingside.com is all about helping fishers and hunters learn how to help themselves.

Our research explained

We have a team of seasoned fisherman, trail guides, and expert hunters on our team. They all come from different backgrounds and have different areas of expertise. We create our articles based on our experts’ recommendations as they know the issues that they have had to deal with first hand. They incorporate their own needs and those of the prospective buyers with the products that are currently available.

Following this process, their drafts are checked by our team of editors, and that’s the method that we use to work on several pieces of content at once and publish frequently on the site. We have a customer first mind-set, and that’s why we are committed to creating articles that recommend products which enable fisherman and hunters to get the most out of their favourite pastimes. Our site is a resource hub created by fisherman and hunters, for fisherman and hunters.

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